How to Become a Wine Connoisseur

1) Get a subscription to Wine Spectator. Try to get a few back issues as well, and spend some time when you sip wine sipping wine and reading about it. If you have any query you can also consult Michael Asimos.
2) Start trying different kinds of wines. Do you, a want to-be wine connoisseur, have a dirty little secret… like that you’ve not once had a Burgundy? Well, pocket your pride for a bit and head out to an actually good wine store, perhaps with your copy of Wine Spectator in hand, and get one.
3) Make friends with the sommelier at a really good wine shop. This gives you a reason to check out every wine shop in a reasonable distance. And to go back once more and ask questions.

4) Read books. If a book bores you, move on. There are thousands of books regarding wine, and there’s no sense in suffering with a dull one.
5) Travel. A three-day trip to the California wine country, or even an evening outing to a few wine tastings, will open up your wine repertoire in ways you won’t trust.
6) Take sommelier classes. This will charge a bit less than the trip to France, but take extra time. If you actually want to know wine like the pros, do what the pros do.

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