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Turbo Tax Faces Refund Threats

The tax season is now fully going on and many people are happy to get their refunds back. However, there is always a bit of sour with the sweet. According to, recently there have been people logging into their accounts and expecting a large refund, but finding that for some reason it has already gone through. They never did the process of the refund, and therefore were the victims of criminal theft. This fraudulent act has been perpetrated by criminals on the Internet.

The amount of fraud has been increased by nearly 37% this year. This is based solely … Read the rest

Seven Tasks For Virtual Staff

Finding the time to work on your blog may well be your biggest challenge if you have a blog, although to have a well written and interesting blog you must put the time into it. You can increase your productivity and also your blogging income by using these seven customs and becoming more efficient.

Virtual Staff. You can assign tasks to virtual staff and free up more of your own valuable time, and virtual staff can handle the following tasks:

Ask your virtual employees to carry out potentially time consuming online research.

Creating Content. Interesting and unique web content is … Read the rest