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The Devastating Events of the 1978 Hurricane Season That Changed History

The 1978 hurricane season caused astonishing destruction and left a lasting impression throughout history. Learn more about the impact of the storms here.

1978 Hurricane Season
1978 Hurricane Season

The 1978 hurricane season was one of the most destructive on record, leaving an indelible mark on communities across the Caribbean, Central America and parts of the United States. From Super Typhoon Gilda‘s devastation in Guam to Hurricane Able’s destruction in Florida, the storms of this season have haunted our collective memory. Learn more about the impact and aftermath of these natural disasters here.

Overview of the 1978 Hurricane Season.

The 1978 hurricane … Read the rest

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Yacht Charter in Croatia – Sailing Holiday Among 1,200 Islands

Beautiful islands, countless natural bays and beaches and a warm climate make Croatia a cruising haven with perfect sailing conditions. Croatia has an amazing 5.800 km of coastline and more than a thousand islands. Only 67 islands are inhabited, so you will never have to worry about crowded beaches. Find out how to get a Yacht Charter in Croatia.

It is one of the most fascinating archipelagos in the world with many exciting places to discover. Many agencies offer a huge selection of available Croatia sailing charter, yachts at affordable prices.

You do not absolutely have to charter a vessel that … Read the rest

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Where to find common seals?

Well to be honest nearly once we have come across a business document in our lives if not we might have received a certificate for something in your life. We all have seen a golden shiny circle present on the certificate yes we are talking about the one that everybody always thought is made up of real gold and no doubt it looked quite pretty. Well, everything pretty comes with a price and those seals do cost to the institute or company that issued you with the certificate.

how to use common seal
how to use common seal

The seals that we all saw on … Read the rest

The Perfect Paradise of Kalanggaman Island

Philippines is comprised of thousands and thousands of islands and apparently, the country takes pride of the wonderful spots that it has. For non-local and foreign travelers, beaches are the most common place to stay and spend the rest of the days’ vacation. Kalanggaman (Calanggaman) Island is the perfect paradise and actually it already made a name for itself as the place remained as untouched as it was before. It is indeed a paradise to pure travelers and even to photographers. All the amenities and needs are available in the island as well for their convenience and satisfaction.

 Kalanggaman Read the rest

Make money from your website and eBay

Everyone knows what eBay is. It provides an excellent way to earn online. It is not only the simplest but also one of the best ways to make money online. You don’t even have to promote or worry about marketing because eBay gets thousands of visitors every day. It will provide you with the traffic and exposure that you need for your products. You can clean your closet for a few bucks, start a small business or sell your electronic equipment, handmade products, used products, paintings, crafts, and a lot of other things.

What if you don’t have anything to … Read the rest

Advantages of having An Umbrella Stroller For Your Child

Parents commonly ask whether they need an umbrella stroller for their little one. Many people might not see the usage of this device but others find them useful for everyday activities. You can make a decision through the help of our tips. Here are the top reasons why umbrella stroller is considered helpful for you and your babies.

They weigh less

If you want to take a stroll with your child, you can take them conveniently inside a stroller. You can utilize umbrella strollers to have your baby without difficulty since they are small and light. You will not struggle … Read the rest

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Get Your Theater Tickets Online From The Right Company

Theater Tickets Online

If you are considering purchasing your theater tickets online to save yourself both time and money then it would be important for you to identify the right company that you could be doing business with on a regular basis. This is because you may often require to purchase theater tickets as it is not a one-off thing. If you manage to find a few reliable companies that deal in theater tickets, you would be able to safely and effortlessly get all of your tickets from them as and when you might have a requirement for the same.

What this means … Read the rest

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