Increase the conversion rate of the landing page with these tips

Landing page is one of the most critical pages on your website. Whether you are running an online store, have a blog, run a marketplace, or anything else, you need to have a landing page. And it should be the best page with best content and visuals so that anyone who sees this page do not leave your website.

Makes sense, right?

So how you make people to take the action when they are on your landing page?

Here are a few nice and easy ways.

  1. Make your landing page visually pleasing. Try adding images, graphics, videos, etc. Dull and boring landing pages do not convert.
  2. Be trustworthy. Add customer testimonials. Add business details. Add certification details. Get someone on board to talk about your business such as Halalxpert can record a short video review of your business.
  3. Add powerful CTAs. Do not just rely on a single CTA but add multiple CTAs. Make sure you have a CTA above the fold.
  4. Take special care of the color combination of the landing page. The best background color is white while the best text color is none other than black. Stick to the black and white for best results.
  5. Try to add a video as videos convert better than text and images. A video above the fold will do the trick.
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