Knowing The Special Marriage Proposals

These days, presenting an engagement ring when proposing for marriage has somehow lost its value. The more people post about their own special way of proposing, the less others care anymore. Perhaps this is because of the feeling of not being able to do something spectacular and ultimately giving up on the idea. The thing is, it’s not really about grandiose proposals that spell a long term relationship. In fact, some smart women would frown upon the idea of having too many audiences around who are intently watching their proposal as if it were some television show drama. Aside from the unwelcome attention of the crowd, there’s also the implication that she is somehow forced to say yes because saying no would be too embarrassing. Being pressured to decide isn’t a good way to build a relationship that’s meant to last a lifetime. 

A private proposal over a special dinner is more than good enough. To make it a little more special, it can be a dinner at somewhere that the couple hasn’t gone to before. Spending time exclusively with each other is a lot more romantic than making it a crowd-friendly affair. 

Of course, skipping out on some expenses may be fine but when it comes to presenting the ring, this shouldn’t be the case. Engagement rings have to at least be something that doesn’t resemble typical designs that can be bought as easily from stores. If at all possible, something symbolic of the relationship can be incorporated with the ring’s design. Some would have both their names engraved on the ring. Ultimately, the creativity and effort conveys the ring being something that isn’t just an afterthought. Check out great custom rings on reputable sites. Also read our reviews on some of these sites to compare which of them can best deliver.

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