My Experience with IDC Technologies

I am the employee, of IDC and work in an IDC recruitment organization. It is one of the great organizations because I always get my salary on time every after two weeks and I do not face any kind of problem in this organization. I have been working at IDC Technologies for 3 years and during the period of 3 year; I got two promotions and every year increment. And get the bonus each year and other benefits. It is a wonderful company where you can make your future. They give importance to employee and support them completely.

If you get into any personal emergency and required few leaves, you just need to write a letter for holiday and state your problem, they approve holidays and you can easily solve your problem. It happens usually with everyone that you get some personal problems. Therefore, an IDC Company supports you completely and provides the facilities. Even, every year they provide the holidays to employee for reducing the depression and stress of work.

After working with this organization, I have learned many new things. When I joined this company, I only had an experience of 2 years and now it has been accumulated for 5 years. At this point, I have a lot of experience and now I can even apply to any other company for a job, but I am happy with IDC because they are giving me the opportunity through promotion for handling managerial task that would further enhance my skills and also they trust on me which I do not want to break. I have good communication with the HR department of the IDC. Basically, it is a recruitment company and I have to manage the employees who are working with different organizations. I have to solve the problems of each of the employees who are working in different organization but they are IDC employee. So we have to handle the problem of our employee being an HR company.

It is a little bit difficult job, but I have learned many new things and learned how to communicate with people and make them relax. It is my duty to satisfy our employee that we are with you and provide complete support for solving your issues in the organization. Therefore, I am satisfied with IDC Company and want to work with them for a long time so that I could more enhance my skills and learn more new things.

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