How Raspberry Ketones Promote Weight Loss

English: Raspberries (Rubus Idaeus). Français ...

English: Raspberries (Rubus Idaeus). Français : Framboises (Rubus Idaeus). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are Raspberry Ketones Effective?

If you are ready to start dropping pounds, you are definitely not alone.

Over one-third of the American public is overweight and another one-third is obese.

Just 30% of people in the US maintain a healthy weight … being overweight is currently the norm.

Unfortunately, conventional strategies for losing weight are so hard that 85% of dieters wind up failing over the long-term. Now, however, there are a number of products that are claiming the ability to make this process much easier.

These include pills, shakes and herbs that are intended to lessen the user’s appetite or help the body burn fat.

One of the most popular of these is a supplement known as Raspberry keytones.

Dr. Oz (a US television doctor) featured Raspberry keytones on his show in 2012 and these have since increased in popularity all throughout the world.

Dr. Oz appeared to be very excited about this supplement and even suggested that it was a “miracle in a bottle”.

Raspberry keytones are believed to cause the breakdown of fats at the cellular level which allows for faster fat burning overall. These are also believed to boost adiponectin levels, which is a hormone that takes part in regulating the metabolism.

This article discusses recent research on these supplements to determine whether they are worth using.

What Raspberry Keytones Are
This is a natural substance that gives raspberries their potent fragrance.

This is a substance that is also present in limited quantities in kiwis, cranberries and blackberries.

It has long been used in the cosmetics industry and has been added to ice cream, soft drinks and many other processed food products for its flavor.

There are actually a number of people who are using raspberry keytones already, whether by eating fruits that contain it or food products that use this as a flavorant.

This has only recently made waves as a supplement for weight loss.

Although the word raspberry is probably appealing, it is not actually a supplement that is derived from raspberries.

It is incredibly costly to extract this from raspberries given that you would need 41 kg or 90 pounds of berries just to get one dose.

An entire kilogram of raspberries or 2.2 pounds, will produce just one to four mg of keytones. This is only 0.0001-0.0004% of the entire weight.

The use of the word ketone makes these appealing as well, given that ketone is something that people associate with low-carb diets given that they elevate the body’s ketone levels, making it burn more fat.

Raspberry keytones, however, are not related in any way to low-carb diets and they are not going to produce the same effects.

Conclusion: Raspberry keytones are what give raspberries their powerful flavor and aroma. A synthetic version can be found in weight loss supplements, cosmetics and processed foods.

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