The Basics Of Repairing Refrigeration

Not all refrigerator problems require the help of a professional to fix. Below are a few common refrigerator problems and their quick fixes.


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Refrigerator Noises

Refrigerator noises could either come from the condenser fan or the compressor, both of which are present beneath the fridge. The noise could also be coming from the motor of the evaporator fan which is present inside the freezing compartment.

To fix the noise coming from the refrigerator, open the door of the freezer with the refrigerator still on to check if the sound gets louder. Most refrigerators come with a condenser in them. Unscrew and remove the back cover to listen to the noise. This way you can tell if the strange sounds are coming from the compressor or the fan. The best solution for a noisy compressor is to get a new refrigerator.

However, if the noise is coming from the fan, replace the fan with a new one.

Fridge Leaks

Leakage from water supply lines to the water dispenser or ice makers is a common problem. According to the refrigeration repairs Adelaide specialists have performed, the first thing to do is to pull out the plug and look for the leak. A leak present at the inlet valve requires the compression nuts to be tightened.

However, if there is a leakage from the copper or plastic tube then the tube is to be replaced immediately in order to stop the leakage.

Cooling Problems

Cooling related issues are quite common as well. In such situations it is important to check the thermostat and vents. It is important to ensure that the thermostat has not been turned down or there isn't any blockage in any one of the vents.

If the problem still persists then the condenser coils should be checked for any blockage and cleaned to ensure free airflow. This should solve the issue. Even if there isn't any issue with the cooling of the refrigerator, the condenser coils should be cleaned once a year.

Extreme care should be taken when trying to fix the refrigerator. Always make sure it is unplugged before getting started.

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