Turbo Tax Faces Refund Threats

The tax season is now fully going on and many people are happy to get their refunds back. However, there is always a bit of sour with the sweet. According to TheBestCompanys.com, recently there have been people logging into their accounts and expecting a large refund, but finding that for some reason it has already gone through. They never did the process of the refund, and therefore were the victims of criminal theft. This fraudulent act has been perpetrated by criminals on the Internet.


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The amount of fraud has been increased by nearly 37% this year. This is based solely on returns that were of a suspicious nature, which means that Turbotax 2015 free has hackers who were able to steal information. However, now that this has been brought to the attention of Turbotax 2013 and its employees, the problem has been fixing itself.

Intuit‘s chief tax officer David Williams, stated that fraud is not something that will go away. The point is that it will just move around if anything was done, it will not wholly get rid of the problem. This is why taxpayers need to tighten up what they do in terms of safety, and why Intuit is also doing its best to ensure that things run smoothly.

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